Grandpa. Loving and generous, Grandpa filled my childhood with love and rich memories. He enriched our childhood with so much laughter and countless joy. From bringing us sweets to planning something special for us, Grandpa knew how to make any experience 10x better. Grandpa always showed us new ways to have fun and enjoy the good life. He installed the playset and kept the pool warm for us during the summer to swim. He taught me how to play badminton on the grass. He let me feed his koi, which at 5 years old seemed like the most exciting thing ever. I remember throwing the fish food into the air and loving how the fish would bubble up to the top and gobble up the little round pellets. He grew Asian pears, tomatoes, kumquats, and kiwis. I’ve never had a better Asian pear than the ones from his tree, and I never will. His fruits were grown with hard work and love; their sweetness isn’t replicable. 

I’ll forever remember the dinners in his kitchen and all the times he took us out to eat. I don’t think anyone loved good food more than Grandpa. Not only did he love food, but he also loved feeding others and seeing their enjoyment. He’d always put some food on my plate and say, “Here, this is the good stuff.” Grandpa would light up our dinners with his laughter and phenomenal storytelling. Post-dinner, we would go into the hot tub and stargaze as he told us something unique about his childhood. 

Grandpa will always be one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever known. I loved hearing his stories from Taiwan, and he always encouraged me to work hard so that I could live “the good life” like him and Grandma. He was an inspiration who motivated me to perform at my best. In addition, he was the life of any party and could make even strangers feel welcome in his home. I still have friends from high school and college who tell me about how my grandpa is the most generous and fun man they know. He knew exactly how to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves. If I had to choose one song to sum up Grandpa’s personality, I would choose the Macarena. He taught us to rock it and showed us how a few simple dance moves could create so much laughter.

We miss you, Grandpa. We miss your laughter and endless love. Thank you for the many years of wonderful memories you gave us and for truly being the world’s best grandpa. Each time I see a perfectly maintained green lawn, an Asian pear, a small flowering cactus, a koi pond, or people waltzing, I’ll think of you. Love you always. 


(Note: Gaby is Eileen’s eldest child of four.)