The first things I noticed about Dr. Shieh when I first met him 11 years ago were his sense of humor and the joy he brought to everyone around him. He was an exceptionally intelligent and curious man who would engage in deep, fun, and exciting conversations all the time. He was also a gripping storyteller who told us fascinating stories about growing up in Taiwan. One of my favorites was about how his brother moved his ancestors’ bones from his family’s temple at the top of the mountain before the government destroyed it. He loved to travel and would tell us many fun stories from his days traveling around the world. From his stories, you could tell that Dr. Shieh came from a long line of intelligent and tenacious people and that family was important to him.

Dr. Shieh deeply loved his family and was always generous. His generosity extended to everyone around him, including me and my sister. Agnes and Skip welcomed me into their home, and the period we spent living at their house during the summer of 2013 included some of the most memorable, loving times since we moved to the U.S.

Dr. Shieh was also an avid gardener and builder. He took me around his property and showed me his creek, his hot house and cacti, his vegetable boxes, and his koi pond. He told me how he built his own garden from scratch and dug his own pond. He showed me the playground features he had installed so his grandchildren could come enjoy their time at his house. You could tell his house was a labor of love – love of his family, his legacy. A man’s legacy, especially an immigrant man’s legacy, is his family, his roots in a foreign land. Dr. Shieh leaves behind a legacy that we should all aspire to have – a family that is loving, generous, and caring. I will always remember how he told me one of his greatest achievements was coming to America and convincing Agnes to marry him. He told me he had to sweep her off her feet with his funny personality since she was so attractive and smart. He loved his wife, his children, and his grandchildren. He had a life well-lived. I am very honored to have known Dr. Shieh and forever grateful for the way he welcomed me into his life.


(Note: Sunny is granddaughter Gaby’s best friend.)



I knew him as Gaby’s Granddad. I had the fortune of meeting him and Agnes (Gaby’s lovely grand mom). He was very curious and excited to learn new things and inquired about different cultures. He cared deeply for Gaby’s grand mom.   They were a cute couple. I wish I could see a glimpse of them as young and vibrant couple. I hope he rests in peace and his loved ones find solace that he is in a good place.


(Note: Sunny’s sister)